1939-S 5C Reverse of 1940 (Regular Strike)

1939-s-rev-1940-1 1939-s-rev-1940-2

1939-S 5C Reverse of 1940 (Regular Strike)


21.20 millimeters
Felix Schlag
5.00 grams
Metal Content:
75% Copper, 25% Nickel

The Reverse of 1940 edition of the 1939 S nickel is slightly more scarce than that having the older reverse.

The 1939-S Jefferson Nickels either have the reverse of the 1938 or the reverse of the 1940 this is also true for the P&D mint.

If you look at population of high grade 1939-S with Rev 40 you could assume it could be added as another key date of the Jefferson Nickel series.

How to spot them

I look at top of step

  • Wavy Steps for 1938 vs Well Defined Steps for 194
  • A vertical indentation to start & end the steps on the Reverse of 1940
  • The Reverse of 1940 has a thicker top step